• Coral Triangle Sustainable Marine Tourism Conference

    27 - 28 August 2015

    Open Sessions
    Closed Door Rountable



    It will address 3 key themes with 3 plenary speakers and 10 break out sessions. There will be 3 concurrent closeddoor roundtable discussions attended by key policymakers and industry leaders.


    • Enabling Conditions to Support Private Sector Leadership: The conference will effectively promote and support leading private sector representatives to take a greater role in supporting sustainable and responsible tourism in the Coral Triangle
    • Best Practices for Responsible Marine and Coastal Tourism: The conference will showcase best practice examples of responsible tourism in marine and coastal areas of the Coral Triangle
    • Branding and Marketing the Coral Triangle as a Global Sustainable Tourism Destination: The conference will present a marketing plan to enable the six Coral Triangle countries to market the region as a sustainable marine tourism destination as well as provide greater platforms of exposure to the media and tourism service providers.

    Open Sessions

    Each open session will focus on best practices and case studies for the particular theme. Session discussions will be captured and used to inform the roundtable discussions.

    Session 1:
    Creating Multi-Site International Packages and Branding and Marketing the Coral Triangle

    Explore what it takes to develop a branding and marketing plan for the Coral Triangle: the advantages such marketing could bring, the challenges of implementation, and the necessary next steps forward such as preparing international intergraded visitor packages. Tailored multi-national island packages and facilities offer considerable opportunity for  supporting businesses crossnationally supporting the branding of the Coral Triangle as an international destination significantly different from the experiences provided in other regions of the world can contribute to meeting travel and tourism business goals.

    Session 2:
    Eco-certification for Sustainable Marine Tourism Businesses

    Certification is widely recognized as an important tool for ensuring sustainable construction and operations of hotels and other tourism businesses. Learn about the range of certification programs available in the Coral Triangle, and the impact of certification on marketing and package production.

    Session 3:
    Cruise Tourism: Impacts and Innovations

    This session will showcase sustainability initiatives by the cruise line industry, and will examine the economic impacts of cruise tourism on Coral Triangle nations, as well as the role of corporate social and environmental responsibility in decision making by cruise consumers.

    Session 4:
    Diving Tourism Impacts and Innovations

    Dive tourism is a primary source of income to the Coral Triangle region, and divers will likely continue to grow in number as long as the coral and fish species remain health. Session 4 will discuss the growing body of best practices for scuba diving, snorkeling, and boating as well as innovative initiatives that engage with local fishing communities

    Session 5:
    Corporate Social Responsibility, Working for Coastal and Marine Environments

    This session explores a range of approaches in which corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be leveraged to support both marine and coastal conservation efforts across the region, and to preserve the natural areas important as key tourism destinations. This session aims to help businesses identify how best they can meet their CSR requirements, while benefiting marine resource sustainability.

    Session 6:
    Linking Sustainable Tourism to Local Industries and Communities

    Creating connections between hospitality and other local industries is key to increasing the local economic and social benefits of tourism. This session explores the successes and challenges experienced in forging more integrated local economies centered around  sustainable marine tourism.

    Session 7:
    Building Symbiotic Relationships Between Coastal Tourism, MPAs and Sustainable Fisheries

    This session will explore the interface between coastal tourism and the nearby ocean – both in terms of artisanal and commercial fishing pressure and the conservation of resources through marine protected areas. It will explore the value of protected areas for tourism businesses and ways in which tourism, when done sustainable can support and contribute to the success of both sustainable fishing and strengthen the Coral Triangle Marine Protected Area System

    Session 8:
    Training and Support for Local Communities and Cultural Tourism

    Capacity issues are a key challenge restricting the ability of local communities to engage in coastal and marine entrepreneurship. Many of the most attractive visitor destinations reside in remote areas, where training, tourism schools are absent. This session explores how to strengthen the capacity of indigenous communities that in turn, will result in the effective local leadership in the development of sustainable tourism enterprises.

    Session 9:
    Supporting Conservation Financing Through Sustainable Tourism

    This session explores the challenges to investing in coastal marine tourism in the coral triangle and the ways in which the six Coral Triangle countries can support the private sector in overcoming investment hurdles in sustainable marine tourism.

    Session 10:
    Traveler’s Philanthropy for Cultural and Marine Tourism

    This session will look at successful travelers’ philanthropy programs run by individual companies as well as collaboratively by businesses in a tourism destination. Participants will explore the practical issues involved in creating well-run travelers’ philanthropy programs for sustainable marine tourism in the Coral Triangle.

    Closed Door Roundtable

    The closed-door roundtable sessions are focused on producing key policy papers that can be adopted by the six Coral Triangle Initiative member countries to drive and support sustainable marine tourism in the coming years. Key policymakers and industry leaders are expected to attend the sessions. Session outcomes will be shared and available for comment to the public on the second day of the conference.

    Round Table I:
    Sustainable Tourism Practices

    This roundtable discussion will focus on case studies in sustainable marine tourism practices and identify policies and mechanisms to foster and spread these ideas across the six Coral Triangle countries.

    Round Table II:
    Joint Marketing

    This roundtable discussion will focus on drafting a strategy to market the Coral Triangle region as a destination for sustainable marine tourism activities.

    Round Table III:
    Financial Strategies

    This roundtable discussion will identify appropriate financial strategies to support sustainable marine tourism activities in the Coral Triangle Region.


    Join us as a sponsor of the Coral Triangle Sustainable Marine Tourism Conference!

    The conference will explore sustainable tourism topics such as green financing mechanisms, marketing and branding strategies and best practices for tourism enterprises within the Coral Triangle.

    When you sponsor this event, you are not only investing in the legacy of ocean conservation and protection of coastal communities but also contributing directly to the economic sustainability of tourism within the Coral Triangle. This high profile event will be promoted widely throughout the region and beyond. Your organization will be recognized according to your selected level of participation. You may also sponsor a gala dinner, a plenary speaker, door prizes, and eco-friendly giveaways for conference participants.

    You may register as participant at USD 400/person. Early bird registration is available from April 1, 2015 until June 31, 2015 at USD 350/person.

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