• Coral Triangle Marine Tourism Expo

    27 - 28 August 2015

    Why Participate?

    About Coral Triangle Marine Tourism Expo (CT-MTE)

    CT-MTE will be the first exhibition event in the country to celebrate the wonder of the richest marine environment on the planet which sustains the lives of more than 130 million people with the potential to develop into the world’s largest marine tourism destination.

    CT-MTE will be a premium showcase for the marine and eco-tourism industry with superior opportunities for Government and private sector business and key players to promote their products and destinations to targeted audience.

    CT-MTE will be held in conjunction with the 4th Coral Triangle Initiative Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF) Regional Business Forum. Besides CT-MTE, the Business Forum will include in their agenda are CT-Marine Tourism Conference, CT-Marine Tourism Investment Forum and Buyer-Seller Meeting Program.


    • To create a regional and national market platform that allows key business and industry players to promote their product/services within Coral Triangle complex.
    • To establish linkage with world’s major marine tour and travel operators to assist in the promotion and marketing of marine tourism within the coral triangle complex that will be enable development of the world class tourist destination.
    • To promote awareness of the ecological and environmental importance of the coral triangle area and to expand public understanding of the need to protect our marine environment.

    Why Participate?

    • Strong Government Endorsement. CT-MTE is strongly supported by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia through the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries and the Ministry of Tourism. Joining them are their counterparts from Malaysia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and Solomon Island as members of the Coral Triangle Initiative, opening the most direct access to industry policy and regulation within region.
    • The First and the Largest Marine Tourism Market Platform Involving 6 countries.There will be 6 countries involved at the expo giving the opportunity to create international partnerships in related business and networks.
    • High Quality Attendances.CT-MTE will attract high profile visitors that are participating in the parallel “Indonesia Investment Forum” and “Buyers meet Sellers program”, together with local and international buyer and project developers with the marine tourism sector.

    The Participants

    Exhibiting companies will targeted at 100 participants from:

    • 6 members of the Coral Triangle countries
      • Main counterpart on Coral Triangle Authorities
      • Related Coral Triangle Center activities/programs organizers
    • Government Institutional Representatives
      • Ministry Representatives from the marine and tourism and related industry sectors
      • National an provincial Government tourism promotion boards
      • Indonesia Investment Board (BKPM/BKPMD)
      • Other national and provincial authorities offering investment opportunities particularly in small islands/conservation areas
      • Showcase of on-going investment in marine tourism projects in Indonesia and related sectors
    • Marine Tourism Sectors
      • Dive resort and operators
      • Live-aboard/cruise operators/owners
      • Hotel and resort owner/representatives (marine areas)
      • Marine/water sports/amusement park management
    • Supporting Marine Tourism Activities and Sectors
      • Marine and underwater conservation organizations
      • Diving, water sports and tourism associations
      • Oceanic research associations
      • Related media

    The Attendances

    The show will targeted high profile attendances as bellow:

    • Government representatives (marine tourism industry sectors)
    • Hotel chain operators representatives/owners
    • International dive resorts owners/operators
    • Real estate developers
    • Construction company
    • Dive travel agents wholesale
    • Airlines management/owners representatives
    • Hospital chain/hyperbaric provider
    • Investor brokers/funding management representative
    • Finance institutions representatives
    • Divers and marine/water sports enthusiasts
    • International marina operators
    • Passenger vessel owners and operators
    • Charter boat owners and operators
    • Operators and owners of pleasure yachts
    • Conservation and ecological researchers
    • Transportation agencies (land and sea)
    • Ocean management/researchers and scholars


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